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the grace of Vismi four sons, whose birth exalted the Lunar
dynasty. Tirumala, Vitthala, the conqueror of the quarters,
your glorious self, 0 Kiiig Cinna Tiinrna, and the famous Papa
Dv!i$a.da~Balabh3g&V(itam : Mat, JM. 13-2-19, p. 287.
168.   CKSNA-TIMMiA.
You captured in anger Candragiri and other forts
exciting the admiration of your peers as well as the
common people. You resolutely hunted the eluding deer, ufe.,
hostile kings; and having destroyed several proud people, you
restored the property of Siiranganatha. You captured Nagur
and distributed new pearls to the complete satisfaction of all
people who asked for them. You stormed the fort of Bonagiri
BO as to increase your fame, and exacted tribute from all the
chiefs of Tannarasunad within a very short time. Having
given succour to the king of the Pandyas who sought your
protection, you established him firmly in his kingdom. You
crushed by means of your vanguard the pride of the powerful
Bettu Perumal; and having defeated the five Tirupatis (Tiru-
vadis), you put them to flight. You restored Tirupati (Tiruvadi)
who craved your protection to his former kingdom, and having
crossed the fort which goes by the name of Tovalaghat, you
approached the Grod Anantagayana and offered him worship
and set up permanently at Kanyakumarl a shining pillar of
victory to commemorate your conquest of southern quarter.
Finally you cleaned your sword which was covered with new
drops of the blood of your multitudinous enemies in the waters
of the Southern Sea.
lUd> pp. 377-8.
- The feoiind of the war-drums which are beaten at the
commencement of the wars of Vitthala, the son of Ramaraja
Timma, obstructs the exuberant How of the templerjuice of the
rutting elephants of the Gajapati, the lord of the city of
a; destroys the pride of the mighty warriors, honoured